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Coding Workshop

The RippleCreate Preschool Coding Programme is designed to introduce the basic concept of coding and programming through fun and interactive games and activities for young children.


The Robotic and Coding classes are designed to introduce coding and programming through fun and interactive activities for the children. 

This programme will allow children to investigate and explore different problem solving techniques, persist in inquiry-based challenges and explore STEAM related learning platforms.

Age Group

N2 to K2


1 hour per lesson


$26.75 per lesson
(GST included)

Duration of the term is dependent on the school.
*minimum 6 children to start a class.

Coding Platforms

*Coding platform is dependent on your school.

Sphero SPRK+

Sphero SPRK+ is a programmable robot ball to inspire curious young minds through coding and play. Children can easily learn programming and complete hands-on STEAM activities. Sphero SPRK+ has programmable sensors that are connected to accelerometer, gyroscope and motor encoders. Grow your coding skills Sphero SPRK+ has something fun in store for you.

LEGO WeDo 2.0

LEGO WeDo is a robotics hardware and software platform designed to enhance student's skills in science, engineering, and technology. This platform follows the 4 C's process – Connect to a story, Construct a model, Contemplate its function, and Continue improving its design. LEGO WeDo is designed to encourage critical thinking and expose children to topics such as earth and space sciences.

Wonder Workshop Dash

Dash is a great platform to introduce children to robotics and build on their computational thinking skills at the same time. It is compatible with some mobile applications with varying levels of difficulty to cater to different age groups. Through block-based coding, young users will be able to interact with the Dash robot. In turn, Dash responds by emitting audio and light responses to keep users engaged in their learning.


Bee-Bot is a programmable floor robot designed specifically to expose children to hands-on programming. This colourful, easy-to-operate, and friendly robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation and problem-solving! Bee-Bot is a perfect companion to learn shapes, spatial orientation, alphabet and other skills suitable from the age of 4. Children will understand control, directional language and spatial reasoning.

Matatalab Pro Set

Matatalab is a hands-on coding robot which can help in cognitive development and introduction to coding. A key feature of Matatalab is its entirely tactile-based operation - no screen or devices are required! Children will use Matatalab to understand fundamental principles of coding: logical sequencing, debugging and pattern recognition.

Makeblock Neuron

Neuron is a programmable electronic building block platform that enhances STEAM education. Neuron offers electronic blocks, including sensors for voice, light and infrared. Makeblock Neuron responds through audio, visual and somatosensory as the user plays with blocks. This interaction engages the young users and introduces to scientific principles behind various phenomena.


1.       Trainers are dedicated to a maximum of four preschools.

2.       No mixed levels and no mixed classes. Only students from one class per session.

3.       No intermingling between different groups of children within the same class.

4.       Teachers will wear a face mask and keep at least 1m away from students where possible.

At present, due to the strict regulations regarding the deployment of trainers and student allocations, unfortunately not all enrichment classes are able to resume. The limited manpower and classroom resource limits the number of programmes that can be run at any point of time.

Yes, you may. Please drop us an email at enquiry@e-reach.com.sg with your child’s full name, school, class and previously registered programme. Do also let us know your preferred cheque payee name so that we can process the request.

Please note that the processing time will take around 2 months.