N1 & N2 Mandarin Music and Movement

K1 & K2 Music Foundations (Bilingual)

K1 & K2: $270.87/ 7 lessons x 60mins
N1 & N2: $309.56 / 8 lessons x 60mins
Brought to you by MeiYu Joy Connections
Originating in Taiwan more than 30 years ago, the MeiYu curriculum features a unique methodology of teaching music to young children.
Using pictures, props and non-verbal cues, children will absorb a myriad of basic Mandarin vocabulary in no time. Our multi-sensory approach will engage children fully – bodies, minds and all – as they sing, dance, listen, explore and play in an immersive organic Mandarin environment.

N1 – K2 Mini Sports

$289.94/ 7 sessions x 60mins 
(inclusive of uniform for NEW students)

Brought to you by Tinytots

Tinytots Minisports combines facts from all our programs and aims to introduce preschoolers to fundamentals of soccer, basketball and rugby throughout the year. The program aims to promote children’s interest in physical activities and to build a solid foundation in their fundamental movement skills.

N1 – K2 Art Therapy

$312.83/ 7 lessons x 60mins

Brought to you by The Garden of Art Therapy Eden

Stories are employed to help children understand different emotions and identify with a specific set of feelings. A variety of visual art activities such as painting, drawing, sculpturing, and collage work are made available for children to explore and express their feelings and thoughts. Their art process provides insights into understanding and assessing each child’s well-being. Assessments and developmental plans are provided if the child enrolls for a full term.

N2 – K2 Chess at Three 

$309.56/ 8 sessions x 60mins 

Brought to you by Thinking Cup 

Chess at Three is a premier kids chess club from New York City. Children will fall in love with the game of chess by learning through our story-based curriculum, designed to captivate any young mind. By following a cast of quirky, memorable characters through the magical world of Chesslandia, students swiftly become successful chess players while developing critical thinking, strategy, and problem-solving skills.  Students will be able to play a basic game of chess upon completion of this module.

K1 & K2: Kubo Robotics

$270.87/ 7 lessons x 60mins 

Brought to you by Empire Code

The Kubo Robotics platform immerses students in coding and computational thinking within a socially engaging, hands-on context.

Throughout this curriculum, students will cultivate their creativity and interaction skills as they learn to code and communicate with Kubo Robots.


$248.52/ 8 lessons x 60 mins

Brought to you by The Eton Explorers

Satiate your child’s curiosity about how the world works by joining us on an educational and fun-filled journey into the world of science! With hands-on experiments and activity-packed journals, children will explore how science is part of our everyday lives.

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– Child is hospitalized (Please provide supporting documents)
– Child has withdrawn from the preschool