N1 & N2 Mini Musiker

$270.87/ 7 lessons x 45mins

Brought to you by Chioh Ee Ling

Mini Musiker is a music and movement programme specially tailored for preschoolers. The curriculum explores a diverse range of music genres from western classical to traditional ethnic music. In the 45 minutes class, children will be involved in instrument play, singing, rhymes and even dramatic play to learn about musical concepts in a fun way

N2 – K2 Mini Sports

$331.36/ 8 lessons x 45mins (N2) 60mins / (K1 & K2)

(inclusive of uniform for NEW students)

Brought to you by Tinytots

Tinytots Minisports combines facts from all our programs and aims to introduce preschoolers to fundamentals of soccer, basketball and rugby throughout the year. The program aims to promote children’s interest in physical activities and to build a solid foundation in their fundamental movement skills. 

N2 – K2 Chinese Speech and Drama

$331.36/ 8 lessons x 45mins (N2) / 60mins (K1 & K2)

Brought to you by Zhong Hua Le (EtonHouse)

Using classic stories and games, children experience character roles, solve difficulties, adapt plots, and even make their own props! We inculcate moral values and virtues《弟子规》from traditional Chinese teachings with a modern twist.


N2 – K2 Jazz 

$306.72/ 8 lessons x 60 mins

Brought to you by ClubHauz

This class provides opportunities to hone both gross and motor skills. Each term is carefully curated to the developmental milestones of their growing years while building essential blocks of discipline and teamwork in a fun and engaging environment.

N2 – K2 Mr Yori’s Magic Workshop

$289.94/ 7 lessons x 60 mins

Brought to you by Yori Goh

Children join in hands-on fun and enjoyable learning experiences. The children pick up different magic tricks and learn about showmanship. Not only that, they get to bring home the magic prop after the lessons.

K1 & K2 The Lab – Coding

$248.52/ 6 lessons x 60mins (K1) / 45mins (K2)

Brought to you by The Lab

The Lab’s Kinder workshops are bound to trigger kids’ interest in coding and the world of Technology. The workshops include storytelling, music videos, treasure hunt, puzzle games and many more. The Tynker platform is our primary source of teaching materials. Tynker is an educational programming platform aimed at teaching children how to make games and programs.

K2 English

$697.60/ 8 lessons x 1h 45mins

Brought to you by The Eton Academy

To help prepare your preschool child for Primary school, our curriculum team and teachers at The Eton Academy have designed our enrichment lessons which stimulate your child’s natural curiosity for learning, while also equipping your child with the necessary skills and learning attitudes needed.
Here is what you can expect
 – Reading, Phonics, Writing, Penmanship
 – Grammar, Sentence Construction
 – Oral

K2 Math 

$697.60/ 8 lessons x 1h 45mins

Brought to you by The Eton Academy

Designed to be in close alignment with Singapore’s MOE syllabus, our lessons complement and strengthen your child’s learning in school, while also nurturing your child to be a curious and self-directed learner.

Here are some topics that we cover
 – Measurements
 – Relationships and Patterns
 – Number Operations and Fractions

Fees are inclusive of GST

223 Mountbatten Schedule

Do note that ALL registrations will be placed on an initial waitlist.
Payment invoice and class confirmation will only be sent when the minimum number of students has been met.

Registration closes on Saturday, 9 March 2024.


– Child is hospitalized (Please provide supporting documents)
– Child has withdrawn from the preschool