N2 – K2 Taekwondo

$245* / 7 lessons x 45mins
($89* uniform fee for new students)

Brought to you by Alpha Martial Arts  

Learn the fundamentals of taekwondo. Improve their focus skills, balancing, coordination as well as cognitive development, discipline, perseverance, courtesy, self control, improvement of mind and body, and development of skills.

K1 – K2 Soccer

$245* / 7 sessions x 45mins
(Inclusive of uniform for NEW students*)

Brought to you by Tinytots

The program combines a series of activities and drills that use imaginative play, familiar games, visual skills and creative participation to engage children and ensure they get the maximum enjoyment from the world’s most popular sport.

K1 – K2 Ukulele 

$245* / 7 sessions x 60mins
Brought to you by Creative Hearts

Our group ukulele classes will be lots of fun for your children! The ukulele is a great starter instrument for kids, and a brilliant way to develop music fundamentals and cultivate a love for music. 

Ukuleles will be provided.

N1 – N2 Mini Sports

$280*  / 8 sessions x 45mins

(inclusive of uniform for NEW students)

Brought to you by Tinytots

Tinytots Minisports combines facts from all our programs and aims to introduce preschoolers to fundamentals of soccer, basketball and rugby throughout the year. The program aims to promote children’s interest in physical activities and to build a solid foundation in their fundamental movement skills.

K2 English

$600* / 8 lessons x 1h 45mins

Brought to you by The Eton Academy

To help prepare your preschool child for Primary school, our curriculum team and teachers at The Eton Academy have designed our enrichment lessons which stimulate your child’s natural curiosity for learning, while also equipping your child with the necessary skills and learning attitudes needed.
Here is what you can expect
 – Reading, Phonics, Writing, Penmanship
 – Grammar, Sentence Construction
 – Oral

K2 Math 
$600* / 8 lessons x 1h 45mins

Brought to you by The Eton Academy

Designed to be in close alignment with Singapore’s MOE syllabus, our lessons complement and strengthen your child’s learning in school, while also nurturing your child to be a curious and self-directed learner.

Here are some topics that we cover
 – Measurements
 – Relationships and Patterns
 – Number Operations and Fractions

N2 – K2 Chinese Speech and Drama

$260* / 8 sessions x 60mins

Brought to you by Zhong Hua Le by EtonHouse
Using classic stories and games, children experience character roles, solve difficulties, adapt plots, and even make their own props! We inculcate moral values and virtues《弟子规》from traditional Chinese teachings with a modern twist.

These are the books that we will cover in Term 1, 2023

N2: 《老鼠嫁女》The Mouse Bride

你看起来好像很好吃》You Look Delicious

K1: 《年兽外传》 Year of the Beast

《贝尼都会干什么》What would Beni do?

K2: 《十二生肖》The Twelve Zodiac

我们要去捉狗熊》We’re going on a bear hunt

K1 – K2 LEGO Robotics

$227.50* / 7 sessions x 60mins

Brought to you by Bricks4kidz

Our LEGO® educational program guides students through hands-on lessons related to their current curriculum objectives, helping them contextualize what they’re learning. The Bricks 4 Kidz model gives lessons a tactile focal point, while the expert-designed teaching materials guide them through understanding key concepts.

*Fees are subject to prevailing GST.

215 upper bukit timah

Do note that ALL registrations will be placed on an initial waitlist.
Payment invoice and class confirmation will only be sent when the minimum number of students has been met.

Registration closes on Sun, 18 Dec 2022. 


– Child is hospitalized
– Child has withdrawn from the preschool