2024 June Holiday camp

Islander Pre-School

PN & N1 Music Camp: Disney Music Camp

4 days x 1 hour = $172.22 (Fees are inclusive of GST)

Brought to you by Creative Hearts

Participants delve into royal tunes, from Cinderella’s serenades to Simba’s anthem. Through interactive activities, attendees journey through Ariel’s underwater realm and Belle’s enchanted castle, discovering the essence of courage and kindness in music.

Explore elements of music like rhythm, dynamics, tempo and solfege. Learn a song with action and create themed crafts! 

PN-K2 Mini Sports Camp

5 days x 60 mins = $215.28 (Fees inclusive of GST)

Brought to you by Tinytots

Tinytots Minisports combines facts from all our programs and aims to introduce preschoolers to fundamentals of soccer, basketball and rugby throughout the year. The program aims to promote children’s interest in physical activities and to build a solid foundation in their fundamental movement skills.

N2-K2 Kids Yoga Camp

5 days x 60 mins = $223.45  (Fees inclusive of GST)

Brought to you by Aerogya Yoga

Embark on a delightful journey of wellness and joy with specially crafted yoga lessons this holiday! 


  •  Explore a variety of yoga poses 
  • Develop balance, coordination, and body awareness with games and activities
  • Cultivate mindfulness through breathing exercises and meditation 

N2-K2 Pottery Camp

5 days x 60 mins = $223.45  (Fees inclusive of GST)

Brought to you by Breakthrough Global

Immerse your child in a world of craft, tradition and centuries of history. Clay creates a tactile experience for our little craftsmen as they get their hands dirty in a safe space. 

To nurture and enhance the creative potential of young minds through engaging and age appropriate drawing activities. We are thrilled to embark on a delightful journey of discovery, imagination, and creativity with your preschoolers in our “pottery Beginnings” workshop. Over the few days, we will engage your little ones in a series of enriching activities carefully designed to foster their curiosity.

K1 & K2 Born to Skate Camp

3 days x 120 mins =  $204.94 (Fees inclusive of GST)

Brought to you by Skate with Us

At Skate With Us, we believe in learning through play. We are the only skate school with an accredited and
well researched skate syllabus made for children. Our skate programmes are endorsed by Singapore Sports


  • Help your child build a greater sense of self esteem and self confidence
  • Help your child develop key motor skills, balance, coordination and spatial awareness 
  • Help your child improve their concentration level and ability to take instructions 
  • Help your child de-stress and cultivate a love for sports 
  • Provide a fun and enjoyable way for your children to get fit

N2-K2 Builder’s Club Camp

5 days x 60 mins = $223.45  (Fees inclusive of GST)

Brought to you by Get Digging

Get Digging programmes are aimed at bringing kids to a space of awareness within themselves where they are making decisions using their intellects rather than emotional impulses. Distraction feels easier than managing the emotion that is being challenged especially in a fast paced lifestyle and children do tend to reflect that. Our programmes give children a fun, dramatic style of connecting through these emotions, reflecting, accepting them and finally working his/her way out of it. Feeling lighter, brighter and moving forward positively with the process is the essence of our programmes at Get Digging.

N2-K2 Fun & Creative Science Camp

4 days x 1 hour = $172.22 (Fees are inclusive of GST)

Brought to you by Curiosity Kids

Curiosity Kids offers practical science experiment
experiences to foster the habit of observing and exploring. Children perform
all the experiments themselves and understand the practical application of
concepts in their daily lives, making learning enjoyable and interesting. Early science exposure helps develop and nurture curiosity and creativity in young

Camp Schedule - Islander

Do note that ALL registrations will be placed on an initial waitlist.
Payment invoice and class confirmation will only be sent when the minimum number of students has been met.

Registration closes on Wednesday, 15 May 2024.


– Child is hospitalized
– Child has withdrawn from the preschool