Through stories and the use of music and props, our children will be enthralled by the wonder of their imagination.

We nurture in children a love for Mandarin while strengthening their competence in the language.

Learning objectives

To invoke passion in Mandarin through the joy of creative drama.

  • To build confidence and creativity in expression, communication and collaboration
  • To inculcate moral values and virtues from traditional Chinese teachings with a modern twist

With elements from Drama in Education programme (UK) and Creative Drama (US), our programme is designed specifically to cater to the needs of preschool students. Using the Inquiry approach, our drama classes encourage your child to imagine, innovate, invent and collaborate. 

"It's really having a peace of mind and the confidence knowing that our children are truly enjoying and learning in such authentic ways. I could tell from the way they came back after the class that they were still beaming with excitement and were so very proud of the props they have created. It's heartening to see how our children are able to develop the skills required to express themselves more confidently!"
natalie loh, Principal