2024 March Holiday Camps

E-Bridge 670 Edgefield plains

N2 – K2 Chinese Speech and Drama Camp
2 days x 1 hour = $65.40 (Fees are inclusive of GST)

Brought to you by Zhong Hua Le

Channel your child’s inner creativity and charisma as they explore the Chinese language and literature. Gain confidence, expand the vocabulary bank and have immense fun as we dive into popular stories and art.

This holiday, children can look forward to exploring these books and crafts.

Chinese Speech and Drama:


西兰花先生的理发店 (Mr. Broccoli’s Barbershop)

K1 / K2

小洋葱大作战 (Onion Fight)

好吃的蔬菜逃跑了 (The Escape of the Delicious Vegetables)

N2-K2 English Speech and Drama Camp

3 days x 1 hour = $98.10 (Fees inclusive of GST)

Brought to you by ACT 3 International

Learning Outcomes:
• To build language capabilities to communicate, share and express ideas.
• To learn how to socially interact with one another, build understanding for group work, building on one another’s ideas.
• To learn the rudiments of dramatic work through the use of Role Play, Improvisation and Movement.
• To build confidence through playing.

N2: – Blanket Travel Kim Da-jeang
K1 & K2: – Interrupting Chicken By David Ezra Klein

Camp Schedule - 670 Edgefield Plains

Do note that ALL registrations will be placed on an initial waitlist.
Payment invoice and class confirmation will only be sent when the minimum number of students has been met.

Registration closes on Friday, 23 February 2024


– Child is hospitalized
– Child has withdrawn from the preschool