N2: 1.5h x 3 days ($145)
K1K2: 1.5h x 1 day ($45)

By ACT 3

This programme encourages self-expression and imaginative play, and rather than learning stories by rote, the children learn to appreciate reading stories by dramatising them. They will use Role Play to tell the story dramatically, act out the scenes and present the plot creatively. Then using improvisation, they give the story a different twist by creating a different ending.

Min 7 children to start a class


N2 – K2: 1h x 2 days ($60)

By Zhong Hua Le (by EtonHouse)

Immerse your child in the Chinese Language through fun storytelling and craft making. Children will expand their vocabulary, whilst expressing their creativity with daily craft projects to take home! Explore different art mediums as they create their own masterpiece each day!

N2 children will learn about the origins of Dragon Boat Festival 
K1K2 children will travel across the world, learning about various cultures and crafts


Min 7 children to start a class


Camp Schedule

Do note that ALL registrations will be placed on an initial waitlist.

*Please DO NOT make any payments until further notice (i.e., when the programme is confirmed to commence and if a placement is confirmed. A confirmation email will be sent to you.)
*Placements will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.
*Payments will be in cashless mode. Cash payments will not be accepted.

*Credit refunds will be given only for the following situations:

– Child is hospitalized;
– Child has withdrawn from the preschool;
– The preschool has to cancel the lesson to mitigate the transfer of germs during an outbreak of diseases;
– A planned session falls on a public holiday and the vendor is not able to do a make-up session or the child can’t attend the make-up session; 
– The vendor/ trainer has to a cancel or postpone a session and the child can’t attend the make-up session.