June Holiday Camps 2021

N2-K1 Tinytots Minisports Camp
Camp: 5 days x 1h, $150
Min 4 students to start a class

Tinytots Minisports combines facts from all our programs and aims to introduce preschoolers to fundamentals of soccer, basketball, rugby. The program aims to promote childrens’ interest in physical activities and to build a solid foundation in their fundamental movement skills.

海底世界 “Underwater World”  – Chinese Speech and Drama Camp
K1K2 Camp: 3 days x 1.5h, $180

Min 3 students to start a class

Be captivated by the wonderful diversity of marine life in our 3-day underwater world themed Chinese Speech & Drama Holiday Programme!

Ignite the joy of learning Mandarin and strengthen language competency and expression through storytelling, music and movement, and role-play.

Vanda Schedule

Mini Sports CampN210.00am – 11.00amMon 31 May to Fri 4 Jun
K19.00am – 10.00amMon 31 May to Fri 4 Jun
Chinese Speech and Drama Camp K19.00am – 10.30amMon 7 Jun, Tue 8 Jun & Wed 9 Jun
K210.30am – 12.00pmMon 7 Jun, Tue 8 Jun & Wed 9 Jun

Do note that ALL registrations will be placed on an initial waitlist.
Payment invoice and class confirmation will only be sent when the minimum number of students has been met.