E-Reach x The Eton Academy

Young Entrepreneur Camp

In this programme, we aim to tap into children’s innate curiosity about the world of business!

The children will not only have a chance to make a plan for their own ice cream stand, but they will also get to pitch their business idea to a target audience.

Programme Details

Through the course of the programme, the children will be introduced to the following:

  • Language and Art 
    Develop and design their very own marketing posters for their product
  • Mathematics
    Learn about the basic mathematical concepts of selling price, cost of materials and profit
  • Public Speaking
    Communicate effectively and promote their product, whilst learning about appropriate body language, tone and speed of speech

Age Group

K1 to K2 (in 2020)


3 days x 1 hour


$100.00 (GST included)

*Class suitability is dependent on the class combination of the school.