E-Reach x Joywaltzstudio

Little Pianist

Little Pianist course is set to bring the rhythm and the beat to our kids with our Rollup Piano instrument.

Students learn to play their favourite tunes on the piano in the comfort of their classroom – pianos provided.


This course is specially designed to introduce and foster the love for music and in the process, develop self-confidence, teamwork and social skills of our kids! Our materials are customised with illustrations and songs to ease the student into learning the ABRSM piano foundation in a fun way!

Learn basic aural/theory foundation & songs like Jingle Bells, Row your Boat, Twinkle Twinkle & Ode to Joy!



Age Group

N2 - K1


1h per lesson


$26.75 per lesson (GST included)

Tenure of term is subject to school schedule
*minimum 6 children to start a class


1.       Trainers are dedicated to a maximum of four preschools.

2.       No mixed levels and no mixed classes. Only students from one class per session.

3.       No intermingling between different groups of children within the same class.

4.       Teachers will wear a face mask and keep at least 1m away from students where possible.

At present, due to the strict regulations regarding the deployment of trainers and student allocations, unfortunately not all enrichment classes are able to resume. The limited manpower and classroom resource limits the number of programmes that can be run at any point of time.

Yes, you may. Please drop us an email at enquiry@e-reach.com.sg with your child’s full name, school, class and previously registered programme. Do also let us know your preferred cheque payee name so that we can process the request.

Please note that the processing time will take around 2 months.