E-Reach x Joywaltzstudio

Little Music Camp

Music is the universal language that is appreciated, enjoyed and spoken by all. 

This holiday, our music camp is set to bring the rhythm and the beat to our kids!



Our music camp is specially designed to introduce and foster the love for music and in the process, develop self-confidence, teamwork and social skills of our kids!

They will be put through a series of introductory, enriching and fun set of activities to build up their interest and aptitude in music. Through these activities, children get to make new friends, hone their music talents and express their creativity!    

Age Group

N1 to N2 (in 2020)


3 days x 1 hour


$89.00 (GST included)

Howdy Instruments!

Learn about your favourite classical instruments, how they sound & look like. Express and elevate your musical senses with your favourite instrument!

Explore the Piano, Hand bells, Castanets!

Christmas Carols

Experience Christmas by exploring how Christmas is like in different cities and learn the songs of famous tunes!

Instruments at work - Krazy Kazoos

Create your very own Kazoo to take home! Learn how to play it to a well known Christmas song “Jingle Bell Rock”

*Class suitability is dependent on the class combination of the school.