E-Bridge Bukit Panjang Plaza

Chinese Speech and Drama
Little Voyager Camp

Join us as we journey around the world with our Chinese Speech & Drama teachers!

Practise Mandarin with fellow students and experience the joy of Chinese through songs and stories.


Come on board and join us for an immersive Chinese experience. Invite your child to take flight and explore different countries, experience the local cultures and appreciate different customs without even leaving home. No luggage or packing required!


Learn about animals in vast Kenya, the beauty of Mother Nature in picturesque Hokkaido and marvel at the grandeur of London city through songs and stories.


You can rely on our enthusiastic Chinese Speech and Drama teachers to engage your child, and provide a fun learning environment!

Age Group

Children are separated by their respective classes


3 days x 1 hour


(GST included)

Class Size

Minimum of 3 students to start the class.
Classes are capped at 10 students.

Camp Schedule - E-Bridge Bukit Panjang Plaza

Class Date Time
Tue 11 Aug, Wed 12 Aug & Thu 13 Aug
430pm to 530pm
Tue 11 Aug, Wed 12 Aug & Thu 13 Aug
530pm to 630pm


1.       Trainers are dedicated to a maximum of four preschools.

2.       No mixed levels and no mixed class. Only students from one class per session.

3.       No intermingling between different groups of children within the same class.

4.       Teachers will wear a face mask and keep at least 1m away from students.

At present, due to the strict regulations regarding the deployment of trainers and student allocations, unfortunately not all enrichment classes are able to resume. The limited manpower and classroom resource limits the number of programmes that can be run at any point of time.

Yes, definitely! When you fill up the registration form, please remember to check the box “Utilise Existing Credits”.

Your registration will be recorded and a class confirmation and receipt will be sent to you within 2 working days to confirm your child’s spot in the class.

Yes, you may. Please drop us an email at enquiry@e-reach.com.sg with your child’s full name, school, class and previously registered programme. Do also let us know your preferred cheque payee name so that we can process the request.

Please note that the processing time will take around 2 months.