E-Reach x Beary Fun Gym

Gym Class

The Gymnastics Programme aims to develop the enthusiasm for physical activity and promote all-round physical development in our children.


We emphasise on teaching the Dominant Movement Patterns (jumping and landing skills, rolling, balance, travelling), which are fundamental movement abilities required for work, sport and recreational activities.

Programme Highlights


  • Psychomotor & Body Coordination Development
  • Increase in Muscular Strength, Endurance, Flexibility & Agility
  • Knowledge of Break Falling Techniques 
  • Gain pre-requisite skill for other sports


  • Improved Attention Span
  • Stimulate Brain Development
  • Develop Quick Thinking Skill
  • Mental Skills Training


  • Build up Self-Esteem, Determination and Discipline
  • Develop proSocial Character Traits
  • Cultivate Hard Work Ethic
  • Overcoming Fears

Age Group

K1 to K2


45 mins per session x 8 sessions


$136 / term (GST included)

*Class suitability is dependent on the class combination of the school.