Dear Principal and PLs, 

We would like to share a new vendor recommended by Mrs Ng that offers some unique programmes for your consideration for ASC weekly programmes or clubs.

Please see below for more information.

Required gear will be provided by the vendor.

Our Amazon best-selling author and creative artist developed this pre-school program specially to help children unleash endless possibilites of their mind by developing creativity and effective methods to communicate ideas. Through this program the children will learn how to draw characters and create a story with beautiful colors.

Lesson 1: Introducing to Creativity Drawing with colour pens and Ice breaking-building rapport with children
Lesson 2 : Basic and Observation I : Children are trained to observe and draw shapes
Lesson 3: Basic and Observation II : Children will continue to draw more advanced shapes
Lesson 4: Theme Main character drawing and layout planning. Children are task to follow demonstration by trainer
Lesson 5: Children are trained to illustrate background, scene related to the main characters
Lesson 6: Children create and illustrate with a story in mind with the characters and background together so that they can relate their story after completing their illustration
Lesson 7: Character expression-Learn to draw emotion-joy, sad, angry, fun
Lesson 8: Learn to blend colours for character and background

Student: Teacher ratio = 10:1
Min 5 to start a class

Financial literacy is essential to survive in today’s world. This special pre-school program is designed to help prepare children transit into primary school where they will learn advanced calculations and be responsible for purchasing their own meals during recess time, as well as challenge their creativity and entrepreneurship spirit! They will also learn the etiquettes and mannerisms of an entrepreneur such as formal greetings through handshakes and proper behaviours in social settings.

Lesson 1: Self-introduction with formal greetings in different cultures
Lesson 2: Learn the use of money and basic money making decisions
Lesson 3: Understand the importance of savings
Lesson 4: Understand the costs of purchases and decisions
Lesson 5: Basic concepts on compounding and the joy of sharing
Lesson 6: Understand the importance of earning money
Lesson 7: Working together to earn money
Lesson 8: Graduation Project on Entrepreneurship

Student: Teacher ratio = 7:1
Min 5 to start a class


Through this specially designed pre-school program, children learn to cultivate a healthy lifestyle through play! The team-based sports activities allow them to develop various social, emotional, mental, cognitive and of course, physical benefits, such as developing self-esteem, enhancing social skills, sportsmanship, how to be disciplined and most importantly, adopting the “I CAN DO IT spirit”

Lesson 1: Basic body anatomy, movements and psychomotor challenges
Lesson 2: Basic nutrition importance and balance based on colors
Lesson 3: Basic gymnastics to build flexibility and confidence
Lesson 4: Building balance and muscle through play
Lesson 5: Team based sports for better gross and cognitive skills
Lesson 6: Matching movement with music to build psychomotor skills
Lesson 7: Exploring healthy and creative meals
Lesson 8: Mini sports relay

Student: Teacher ratio = 7:1
Min 5 to start a class

Aikido is the gentle martial art of defence which emphasizes on both physical and mental growth, the only self-defence technique that promotes harmony, peace and cohesion without causing harm to others. This pre-school program have been taught for decades, specially tailored to lay a strong foundation for holistic growth, coordination and valuable life skills such as discipline, mental strength, confidence and teamwork.

Lesson 1: Introducing to Aikido – Ice Breaking and Play
Lesson 2 : Introducing Basic I : Rolling and Break Fall
Lesson 3: Introducing Basic II : Movement and catching -the positive and negative way
Lesson 4: Partnering with each other to practice movement
Lesson 5: Introducing Locks I: First Aikido lock (Ikkyho)
Lesson 6: Introducing Locks II: Continue teaching First lock with movement
Lesson 7: Combining lessons learn and execute in one smooth movement with locks and movement
Lesson 8: Graduation with combined movements

Student: Teacher ratio = 5:1
Min 5 to start a class

A specialised program for younger kids to learn golf from the basics and transit into the golf course. Children will have lots of fun while developing strong hand-eye coordination fundamentals and building self-confidence through colorful tennis balls and golf clubs specially designed to be lighter and easier.

Lesson 1: Introducing Golf – Ice Breaking, understanding the game and safety
Lesson 2 : Posture, Grip and Aim
Lesson 3: Chipping and Pitching
Lesson 4: Putting
Lesson 5: Pre-Routine + Full Swing
Lesson 6: Full Swing + Finish-through
Lesson 7: Using different clubs (Driver, Irons and Wedges)
Lesson 8: Short Game Course (Putting the different shots together)

Student: Teacher ratio = 5:1
Min 5 to start a class

The fastest racket sport in the world, introducing Badminton is a great way to build discipline, hand-eye coordination, focus, hardwork and teamwork! This program is designed in accordance to Singapore Badminton Association training standards with lots of fun and games to nuture the next Vicktor Axelson.

Lesson 1: Introducing Badminton – Ice Breaking, rules and safety
Lesson 2 : Gripping (forehand and backhand) and basic swing techniques
Lesson 3: 5 basic agility footwork
Lesson 4: Swinging with proper posture
Lesson 5: Rear and Front movement
Lesson 6: Service and Basic netting
Lesson 7: Side to side court movement
Lesson 8: Mini badminton game (team rotation)


Student: Teacher ratio = 5:1
Min 5 to start a class