Have you heard of the Chinese Zodiac?

Everyone has a Chinese zodiac sign, but do you know the origins of it?
Why are mice afraid of cats? Why do monkeys have red bottoms? Why do snakes have no feet?

As the Lunar New Year is fast approaching, let us explore the “Story of the Chinese Zodiac” together!

Our drama classes encourage your child to imagine, innovate, invent and collaborate. Together with our experienced Chinese Speech & Drama teachers, children will create their own zodiac and bring stories to life through puppetry.

In this 3-day camp, join us as we

  • Understand the origin of the Zodiac – the characteristics and habits of each of the twelve animals.
  • Make your very own Zodiac twister, animal hats and even a chinese lantern!
  • Role-play as the different animals and create your own scenes.
  • Learn to perform “Chinese Zodiac” nursery rhymes.
  • Understand the traditional Chinese culture and learn Chinese through fun and engaging activities.

Registration will close on the 31 January 2021.

Age Group

K1 to K2

Camp Dates

Mon 15 Feb - Wed 17 Feb,
9am to 12noon


$360 (GST incl)


718 Mountbatten Rd, S(437738)